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Whether looking for a keypad door lock or an RFID lock system, our locksmith team has knowledge about all kinds of locks and can provide the security that you need. We’ll take care of your door lock repair or door lock installation and make sure that you feel safe in your home or the building that houses your business. Locks are something that we know a lot about and we would love to both secure your place and answer your questions.

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Door lock installation services for when you just moved into a home or had something happen to your current locks.

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Quick response when you are locked out or when your car key or key fob is not working correctly.

Commercial Locksmith in San Jose


Installation of keyless locks to help all employees have access to your building. Help with your RFID lock system.

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Services available in the night when you think you are going to have to wait until morning to get help. We’re a call away, always.

Keyless Entry Door Locks Installation and Repair Services

Keyless systems and fingerprint door locks provide added security and make it more convenient to get into a building, but they require special care to be installed or repaired. Our team has experience working with all types of locks and can provide help both at your home and at commercial buildings. We can set up fingerprint door locks to work with all who should have access to a space, and we provide repair services when a lock stops working correctly.

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Keyless Lock and its Benefits

What is a Keyless Lock and Its Benefits?

One of the main benefits of installing a keyless lock is the fact that this provides you with extra security. It can be difficult for someone to break in when this type of lock is in place. This lock also allows you to give access to your building to as many people as you like and to take away that access as needed. A keyless lock allows you to go in and out without keeping a set of keys on you, keeping you from getting locked outside on days when you are in a hurry and you forget to grab your things.

Types of Keyless Entry Lock Options

Some locks are made to connect to your phone and an application that you install on it. These can be linked to your security system. Other locks require you to enter a code in order to get them to open. There are keyless locks with mechanical deadbolts and those that provide security without that. There are also locks that use radio frequency to let you get the door open. Your lock needs are unique and you can talk with a member of our team to find out the type of lock best for you.

Types of Keyless Entry Lock Options
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About Osher’s Locksmith

We are a locksmith team that can handle all types of things. From getting you into a vehicle when your key fob isn’t working to helping you access your home when you forgot your keys inside, we assist in emergencies and in those situations where you want to set up extra security. We focus on your needs and can provide a door lock repair, new lock installation, and help when you are stuck and frustrated.

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Osher’s Locksmith Keyless Entry Systems Expertise

Locks have changed through the years and we have kept up with advancements that have been made. We stay knowledgeable about each new keyless system that comes out so that we can install and repair them. We are excited about what we are seeing and always interested in learning more so we can better serve people like you.

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