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While serving as a top automotive locksmith in San Jose, we also offer a full range of locksmith services for the home and commercial business.

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  • Providing emergency locksmith services
  • Mobile Key copy services
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While serving as a top automotive locksmith in San Jose, we also offer a full range of locksmith services for the home and commercial business.

When issues arise with your locks, keys, or electronic security systems, it’s unreasonable to think you will have the resources to address said issues on your own. You would be far better off calling a full-service locksmith like Osher’s Locksmith. When you call us, we can ensure you that you will get a quick response from a well-trained locksmith technician.

More about our menu of locksmith services:

24/7 Emergency Service


We are prepared to make sure you always have access to your home while intruders will always be denied access to your family and assets.

Automotive locksmith in San Jose, CA


Being stranded in a parking lot or on the side of the road is intimidating. Our job is to get back on the road ASAP.


In business, time is money, and lock/key issues can cost you time. We provide commercial locksmith services designed to keep your business running.

Emergency 24/7

When faced with an emergency related to being locked out or a broken lock, you need an emergency locksmith like Osher’s Locksmith to save the day.

Emergency 24/7 Locksmith Services

Automotive lock/key issues will often put car owners in precarious situations. That’s especially true when issues arise at night and the driver is far from home. With time running out, the call goes out for a reliable emergency locksmith like Osher’s Locksmith.

Yes, we treat all calls like emergencies but when the urgency is palpable, we have mobile locksmith units ready to respond 24/7. They are ready and willing to respond in 30 minutes or less with the goal of making sure customers like you can regain some peace of mind as quickly as possible.

24/7 Emergency Service

Automotive locksmith in San Jose
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24/7 Emergency Service

Automotive locksmith in San Jose California
Car Lockout Service - Automotive locksmith in San Jose

Car Lockout Service

At some point, we all experience that uneasy feeling that comes with seeing the key in the ignition with the door locked. The feeling is the same when we realize we have misplaced our car keys. As a top car locksmith, we make sure our team of locksmith technicians have the training and tools needed to gain entry into any car no matter the make, model, or year of car they need to enter.

Smart Key Duplication & Programming

Most late model cars (last 15 years) require the use of a smart key (fob device) for car entry and to start the ignition. Between the fob device and the car’s onboard computer system, a lot can go wrong. Not a problem. Our locksmith technicians are well-versed in securing fob key duplicate devices and the programming/reprogramming of said devices. We can also replace fob device batteries.

Automotive locksmith in San Jose

About Osher’s Locksmith

Osher’s Locksmith is manned by some of the best locksmiths in San Jose. As local residents, they are attuned to the needs of customers like you. Our goal is simple. We want to be the best San Jose locksmith, one that offers quality services at affordable prices with customer satisfaction always guaranteed.

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Ignition Repair & Key Extraction

Mechanics are not the only car experts who can repair and replace car ignition systems. As part of any car’s operational security system, car locksmith technicians are usually trained to deal with car ignition systems. It makes sense because ignition system issues could be created by a key jammed in the ignition or fob devices that are not working as they should. Our locksmith technicians are proficient at working on ignition systems.

Car locksmith in San Jose
Emergency and Mobile Automotive locksmith in San Jose

Emergency and Mobile

As an automotive locksmith in San Jose, we find that most of our customer calls come in as emergency calls. Our goal is to strategically place our mobile units throughout the city to ensure we have the ability to respond quickly. Our mobile units are manned by top locksmith technicians who know how important it is to ease the minds of customers as quickly as possible. Our emergency services include key copy service without the original key, key duplication, and lock repair and replacement.