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As a commercial business owner/manager, you might not appreciate having to carry around so many keys to lock/unlock entrance and office doors. If that is the case, we would like to recommend that you consider installing a master key system.

As a quality master key locksmith in the San Jose area, we would be happy to talk to you about your master keying system options. After going through a short consultation, we can then proceed to install the system you have chosen on your behalf.

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What is a Master Key System?

As you gander at that loaded key ring you carry, it must occur to you that there has to be a way you can eliminate having to carry so many keys. Good news. There is an option that can help eliminate all but a couple of keys from your key ring. That option would be a system that operates off of a master key. It works like this.

You would choose a master lock/key system that meets your needs. We would proceed to change all of the locks tied to your master lock/key choice. Once the new locks were in place, you would be able to lock and unlock all doors tied to the system with the same key. How is that for convenience?

The best part is you get to decide which locks will be tied into the master system. You can even employ multiple master lock/key systems if you so choose.

Benefits of a Master Keying System

  • Convenience – Much easier to carry one or two keys as opposed to carrying dozens in a large business setting. Also, you can save time when looking for the right key
  • Customizable Systems – It’s very easy to customize a master lock/key system throughout any business facility
  • Reliability – On average, master locks and keys are made with higher-grade materials, making them sturdier and more reliable than standard locks and keys
  • Unique Keying – Standard locking systems include key cuts that are also standard. Master lock/key systems have keys that come with a unique one-of-a-kind cut
  • Tracking software is available with some master lock/key systems
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