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There is very little that is more stressful than a car lock breaking at the wrong time. It’s a problem because most car owners have neither the expertise nor the tools they would need to fix a car lock in San Jose. When a car lock breaks or malfunctions, there is only one realistic way to address the problem. That would be to call a quality California mobile locksmith like Osher’s Locksmith.

Hopefully, you will never need a car locksmith in San Jose. If it happens, you can rest assured that we are a California Mobile locksmith on which you can rely. In fact, we offer a full range of locksmith services, covering the following areas.

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Car Door Lock Repair

Whether they be manual or power locks, car door locks have lots of moving parts. Having lots of moving parts translates to lots of ways that car door lock repair might be needed.

The moment you fail to unlock the car is the moment you should start worrying. Why? Getting locked out of the car in San Jose can create all kinds of other issues such as being late for appointments or finding oneself in danger.

Upon arriving on the scene of your broken car door lock issue, our first objective would be to try to unlock the car. Using that process will allow us to diagnose the problem and start the resolution process.

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Malfunctioning Car Door Lock Service

Other Things to Check

Before assuming that the problem is related to a broken or malfunctioning car door lock, there are several other things that should be checked.

Some of the other things you might want to check for would be:

  • See if any keys are locked in the car
  • A dead car battery
  • A wiring problem between the battery and the car’s door locks
  • A broken or damaged fob device, check for dead fob battery
  • Broken or damaged key
  • Malfunctioning in-dash computer system

Signs the Problem is a Broken or Malfunctioning Car Door Lock

If you need further evidence that the reason you are locked out of the car is because of a car door lock issue, you can look for any of the following signs:

  • The door lock is not responding at all to a fob device, power button, or key
  • Power door system operates irradicately
  • Pressing the Fob device, power button, or turning the key results in a buzzing or grinding sound
  • The manual door lock won’t move up or down manually
Signs the Problem is a Broken or Malfunctioning Car Door Lock
Types of Car Door Lock Repair

Types of Car Door Lock Repair

Most car door locks have two main components, the switch, and the actuator. The switch is the control mechanism that sends a signal to the actuator. The actuator is the mechanism that actually drives the door lock to the locked or unlocked position. In a manual locking system, there will be a latch that might need replacing

As part of the diagnostic analysis, we will be able to identify which component is broken and malfunctioning. If there is a signal going from the switch to the actuator, we know the issue is with the actuator. Otherwise, it’s a switch problem.

Since broken parts can’t be fixed, our task would be to simply replace the part that is not working properly. In most cases, these repairs can be done in one (1) hour or less.

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