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Locksmiths open doors that others cannot get open and duplicate keys when you need multiple to give to your family or employees. We provide automotive locksmith services when your car remote doesn’t work, commercial locksmith services when you are locked out of a safe, and residential locksmith services when you have issues at your San Jose home. We make sure that you feel secure and that you are also able to access the house, business, and vehicle that you need to access. We are known for the following:

24/7 Emergency Service

Residential locksmith in San Jose, CA


We take care of home lockout issues and also create duplicate keys as your children age and you want to provide them with those.

Automotive locksmith in San Jose, CA


We help with key fobs that need new batteries and car doors that won’t unlock. Our lockout service is quick to respond in emergency situations.

Commercial locksmith in San Jose Ca


We help you provide each employee with access to your building and keep out those who you don’t want entering the place.

Emergency locksmith in San Jose, CA

Emergency 24/7

No matter the time, we provide quick lockout services when you are unable to get into your house, business, or vehicle.

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24/7 Emergency Service

Automotive locksmith
Door Lock Locksmith Services

Door Lock Problems We Can Help With

When you move into a new home, you might feel concerned that past residents have keys for the place and could come inside at any time. While you focus on unpacking your things and getting your home ready for your family, we can change the locks and get everything set up for you. If you have been living in your California home for a long time and your door won’t close well, it might be time for a lock change. If your vehicle is having problems with its locks, we can handle those, as well. If there is anything preventing you from using a lock and door that you need to use, trust our team to get you into your car, home, or business in the San Jose area.

Car Door Lock Change

If you fear that someone has keys that can get them into your car, it is time for a lock change. You don’t want to come out of your home or job one day and find that your vehicle has disappeared. Our team knows how to rekey locks, including those on car doors so that they can only be accessed by you. If you have a funny feeling about your car locks, you have lost your keys, or your vehicle has been compromised in some way in recent days, contact our San Jose mobile locksmith to learn about the help that we offer.

Car Door Lock Change
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It is our goal to make sure that you are protected and that you feel safe. All that we do is to look out for people like you. We provide affordable locksmith services to those with car lock issues, home security problems, and commercial safes that need to be opened. Need a lock change in San Jose? You can trust Osher’s Locksmith to treat you with respect, provide you with efficient assistance, and make sure that all of your automotive, commercial, and residential needs are met.

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David and Cory got to me in no time to fix my car lock and did an amazing job. No one can beat the price they offer. Highly recommended locksmith.

Edward Gonzale

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Residential & Commercial Door Lock Change

An angry past employee might make you nervous about keeping the locks at your business the same, and we can rekey locks to help you feel safe. If you are having trouble using your key at your house and find that it is constantly sticking and making it difficult for you to get inside, we can take care of things because we know how to change a door lock. We make sure that you feel confident about the locks on your doors at work and at your San Jose, California home, addressing each with equal professionalism and care.

Residential & Commercial Door Lock Change
The Benefits of Working with Osher's Locksmith

The Benefits of Working with Osher’s Locksmith

You will feel peace when you choose to work with our team, as we know how to change a door lock and how to update the security system in your home. You will receive help quickly when you need us to change the locks on a vehicle or building, as we have a San Jose mobile locksmith team that can come to you. You will not regret choosing our company as the one you rely on when you need a locksmith. We put your needs above everything else and always work hard to please you.