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You depend on your car to get you where you need to go. If you experience a problem, it can leave you stranded. That’s when you need the trusted services of Osher’s Locksmith in San Jose, CA. We replace car remotes, provide key fob programming and key fob battery replacement. No matter which auto locksmith service you need, we’ll be there to help you.

Car Remotes

image of car keys, fobs and remotes (top) and a car fob being programmed (bottom)

We can cut and program all makes and models of keys, transponder head keys, key fobs, and automotive remotes on the spot in our fully-outfitted locksmith van.

The professionals at Osher’s Locksmith can replace your car remote. Whether you’ve lost your car remote or it has just stopped working, you’ll need to replace it. Your first option would be to go to the dealer and pay a lot of money for a new car remote. Or, you could choose the better option and call Osher’s Locksmith. No matter if you need a Honda remote, Toyota remote, Lexus remote or GM remote, you can depend on us to provide you with a replacement.

Key Fob Programming

Newer cars come with a key fob. This device is able to control functions such as locking and unlocking doors. Sometimes the key fob becomes damaged or you need a key fob battery replacement. If it’s a matter if simply replacing the battery, Osher’s Locksmith can do that quickly for you so you can be on your way. If the remote head key is damaged then we will replace it by clearing the computer in your car. The key can then be synced with the computer allowing the key fob to work with you car.

Ignition Repair

An ignition that is difficult to turn over may be worn out. If that is the case, then the parts within the ignition will need to be replaced. An ignition contains metal parts that are subject to wear and tear over time that can lead to the need for repairs. You can trust that Osher’s Locksmith has the tools needed to take the ignition apart and replace the metal components that have become worn. The ignition will then be reassembled and ready to work.

Car Lockouts

One of the most frustrating situations you can experience is to get locked out of your car. It can happen to anyone no matter the time of day or where you are. It can leave you feeling panicked and desperate to get back into your car. Before you try to break into your car and cause damage that’s expensive to repair, call the professionals at Osher’s Locksmith.

Reliable Service You Can Trust

If you’re looking for top-notch locksmith services in San Jose, CA, Monterey County, CA, Santa Cruz or surrounding areas, then look no further than Osher’s Locksmith. We’re licensed, insured and certified which means you’ll get fast service at a great price. All police, fire and army personnel, as well as seniors, are given discounts. We sell, service, repair and install hardware including mortise locks, deadbolts, door knobs, panic devices and other hardware.All our parts are of the highest quality from trusted manufacturers. All locks have a one-year warranty and all high-security locks have a lifetime warranty.

When you need a locksmith in San Jose, CA and the surrounding region you can count on Osher's Locksmith every time.

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