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For the security of your home, business, or car, you can’t afford for outsiders to have access to your keys. With access, they can enter the premises without your permission and detection. That’s never going to work out well for you, your family, or your business.

As a locksmith in San Jose, we are proud to take on the responsibility of being your go-to commercial locksmith or San Jose residential locksmith. BTW: Here is a brief look at the locksmith services we provide as a top locksmith in San Jose.

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Residential locksmith in San Jose, CA


We’ll help you keep your security measures in place and functioning properly so that you, your family, and your personal assets are always safe from intruders.

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When you feel stranded because of issues related to a car lock or key, we’ll be there to get you back on the road as fast as possible.

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We can help keep access to your commercial business open for the benefit of your employees and customers so your business can remain profitable.

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When your back is against the wall because of a lock or key issue, we have emergency locksmiths ready to save the day.

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Residential Rekey Locks in San Jose CA

Rekey Locks in San Jose CA – Residential

When a homeowner loses their keys or becomes a victim of an intruder, their first instinct is to have a change of door locks. While that is a viable option, it’s also a potentially expensive option. A far better and more affordable option would be to keep the existing locks and simply have them rekeyed.

The process of changing house locks requires nothing more than changing the locking mechanism without having to worry about the lock casing. As part of the lock rekeying process, locksmiths can then issue the manufactured keys that go with the new locking mechanisms. They can also make key duplications when extra keys are needed.

Rekey Locks in San Jose CA – Commercial

One of the things that expose commercial businesses to unwanted intruders is the key access disgruntled ex-employees have with their own keys. That’s exactly why all businesses should have a policy of making some kind of change of locks every time there is employee turnover.

Since frequently changing door locks can get expensive, it makes more sense to go with rekeying services. At Osher’s Locksmith, we do contract at reduced prices to rekey your locks whenever your business has the need due to employee turnover or theft.

Commercial Rekey Locks in San Jose CA
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Rekey Locks in San Jose – Automotive

The only time it’s easy to steal a car is when the would-be car thief actually has the key. That can only happen if they steal the key or the car owner loses their keys. In either case, it’s vitally important for the car owner to immediately address the situation the moment it happens when possible.

As a car locksmith, it’s easy for us to rekey car locks at the same time we are providing a car locked out service. When a car owner’s need is a result of a lost or stolen key, we’ll go as far as to recommend they immediately have their car/trunk locks rekeyed. For cars, it’s a far better option than having to change multiple car locks.

Master Key Rekeying

If by chance your home or business relies on a master key locking system, rekeying your locks will take more time. We would have to identify all of the locks that are part of the master key locking system and rekey those locks only. The good news is we can do that rather quickly and efficiently through the efforts of one of our mobile locksmiths in San Jose.

The moment you suspect unwanted parties have access to any of your property with a viable key, that’s the moment you need to rekey locks in San Jose CA. That is definitely something Osher’s Locksmith’s locksmith technicians can handle on your behalf.

Master Key Rekeying
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When the need arises for rekeying locks or any other kind of locksmith service, make that first call to us at Osher’s Locksmith.

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