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Locksmith in Milpitas, CA

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If you notice that a door at your Milpitas home has been tampered with, you immediately feel concerned about your family and want to find someone who can help. Whether a burglary has you feeling on edge or you have car keys that you just can’t find, Osher’s Locksmith provides the services that will bring peace to your stressful life. We take on business needs, providing commercial locksmith services, and we also offer a home lockout service and help when you want to duplicate keys. Our team is always a call away when you are in stressful situations related to doors and locks.

24/7 Emergency Service

locksmith for home


When a key breaks off in your front door, we are the local locksmith that will come to your home quickly to extract that.

locksmith for car


From reprogramming key fobs to cutting keys and getting you inside when you’re locked out, our automotive locksmith is quick to respond to your needs.

commercial locksmith in mipitas


Owning a business requires a commitment to security and making sure that your locks always work. We’ll help you keep your business space protected.

emergency locksmith

Emergency 24/7

Our locksmith in Milpitas CA responds the same when contacted after midnight or at nine in the morning, always ready to provide emergency services when needed.

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24/7 Emergency Service

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Locksmith Services in Milpitas, CA

Locksmith Services in Milpitas, CA

Not only can a locksmith take care of a traditional lock on a house door but a team like ours also handles key fob replacement needs and issues with keypads. We can unlock a door if you can’t find your keys anywhere and then set you up with duplicate keys so that you will always have extras around and you won’t need our help again. Our emergency locksmith services are available to people in the Milpitas area at all hours so that you never have to worry about being without help when you’re in the midst of a stressful situation.

Key Duplication Service

When you buy your child their first vehicle you have to plan for situations to come up where that child forgets to get the key out of the car before locking it up or loses their key altogether. We are a locksmith in Milpitas CA that is ready to create duplicate keys so that you can have extras and bail your child out if they need help. We can also cut keys for your business when you trust your employees enough to hand them out and provide you with extra house keys to make things convenient for your family.

Key Duplication Service in Milpitas CA
Osher's Locksmith

About Osher’s Locksmith in Milpitas CA

We are a local locksmith with a team that has been fully trained. Each person working for us knows how to open a door without the use of a key and how to de-escalate a stressful situation. We have years of experience and have received good feedback throughout the time that we have been in business. We offer thoughtful services that will never be overpriced and that will always provide the exact assistance that you need.

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Cory and Mark arrived promptly to address my car lock issue and delivered exceptional service. Their pricing is unbeatable. I highly recommend this locksmith service.

Edward Gonzale

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The Benefits of Working with Osher's Locksmith

The Benefits of Working with Osher’s Locksmith

When we are working for you, our focus is always on the problem in front of you. We don’t get distracted from what we are doing and we don’t let anything be more important than you and your needs. We are respectful and quiet when working in a business, and we can be scheduled to come to your business at the time that works best to keep our team out of the way of the work done there. We help you feel safe in your home and provide assistance after you have experienced an attempted break-in or robbery.