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Living in the San Jose area doesn’t protect you from issues with car keys or free you from commercial locksmith needs. You are susceptible to all kinds of problems and you need help as soon as you realize that a key is not working right. We unlock door when you have tried searching for your keys and they are not in any of the spots that you thought that they might be and we provide key cutting and key duplication services when the key you use with your car is no longer reliable and you need a key copy. We focus on making life easier.

Our mobile locksmith ensures that you have access to every service that you need, whether something comes up when you are away from home or trying to get into your home. We help when you lock yourself out, when you need to lock cylinder replacement, and when you have security needs. Some of the benefits of using our services include:

24/7 Emergency Service

locksmith for home


A house door that is jammed or a missing key creates stress inside you. Call us to your house to take on lock issues.

locksmith for car


A key fob that is powerless or a key that no longer works in the ignition require the services of a trusted locksmith team like ours.

commercial locksmith


Angry employees require you to replace locks at a business, and we handle that work as well as the work of duplicating commercial keys.

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Emergency 24/7

Parked in a bad part of San Jose with no way into your vehicle? Call us and we’ll come quickly and get you inside.

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24/7 Emergency Service

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Professional Locksmith Services in Almaden Valley

Our Professional Locksmith Services in Almaden Valley, CA

Discover top-notch professional locksmith services in Almaden Valley, CA, tailored to meet your security needs with precision and expertise. Our dedicated team excels in a range of services, including door lock change, ensuring that your home or business remains secure with the latest and most reliable locking mechanisms.

Whether you require swift and efficient safe opening or seek key fob battery replacement services, our skilled locksmiths are equipped with the knowledge and tools to address your needs promptly. Trust us to provide expert solutions that prioritize your security and peace of mind, offering reliable services to safeguard your property.

Osher's Locksmith

About Osher’s Locksmith

Before a person is given the chance to represent our company, we make sure that they are properly trained. We have a good reputation and we would like to keep that, and that means hiring people with clean pasts and who are willing to learn.
We equip each locksmith with the tools needed to serve you, as well, and we make sure that they get joy out of meeting your needs, just as we do.

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Cory and Mark arrived promptly to address my car lock issue and delivered exceptional service. Their pricing is unbeatable. I highly recommend this locksmith service.

Edward Gonzale

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The Benefits of Working with Osher’s Locksmith

Being able to sleep well at night is pretty important, and whether you need an extra key to do that or you would like a smart lock system installation, we can help. We listen as you list the concerns that you have, taking notes and figuring out a plan that will help you get better rest.

At Osher’s Locksmith, we keep at a project until it is successful, so you will never be locked out for good with us around. We are determined and respectful and always willing to listen to what you want from us and create a plan to please you.