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There are a number of reasons that you might need to have a new key made. You could be looking to have extras to give to family members or you might be looking to put a spare somewhere outside your home. Whatever your reason, we can help with key duplication in San Jose, CA and set you up with keys that work in the locks that they are intended for. We provide trusted services in the San Jose area. Let us give you the following:

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New keys can be made for your home when the old ones look worn or when you want to keep extras around.

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Vehicle keys are needed to help you get around. We create key copies for your vehicle to keep you on the road.

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Key cutting work can be done when you want to provide a new employee with their own set of keys for your business.

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We provide help with vehicles and homes at all hours, whether you need a key copy made or you are locked out. Call us at anytime and we’ll help you.

A good key cutting service provides spares when needed and creates new keys when the old ones are starting to get worn out.

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What is Key Cutting Service?

What is Key Cutting Service?

When you buy a doorknob, you may only be given a single key or a couple of keys for that. A mobile key cutting team creates additional keys by using the keys that you have and duplicating them. When you move into an apartment and you don’t have enough keys for the door there for your family to each have one, a key duplication team like ours creates extra keys. Key cutting is the work of creating a brand new key copy that is made to work in a vehicle or home that already has keys made for it.

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About Osher’s Locksmith

We look out for the San Jose area by providing help when you’re locked out or you are simply trying to prepare for the future by having new keys made. We focus on delivering the help that you expect to receive from a locksmith service so that you always know how things are going to go when you reach out to us. We offer services related to automotive locks, homes, and businesses, and we always show up quickly.

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Mobile Key Cutting Services

A key can get worn as you stick it into an ignition or doorknob again and again. If you notice that your key appears to be stripped and not the shape that it was originally, you might consider having a key copy made. If your key is giving you trouble when you try to use it in your car, a mobile key cutting team will come to you and cut a new key for that vehicle right away. A mobile team makes it convenient for you to have new keys made as they don’t require you to travel to access their services.

Mobile Key Cutting Services
The Benefits of Working with Osher's Locksmith

The Benefits of Working with Osher’s Locksmith

We keep things simple when helping you, never putting you through a million questions or expecting you to explain what you think is going wrong. We figure out what you need and how to best service your vehicle or home. We give you new keys when you need them and get you back inside when you are locked out. We treat you with respect and make sure that you understand our rates and why we charge the prices that we do. Our team has been serving San Jose for a long time and can be trusted.